How to Join EmailMOOS

This is a support group for parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of children born with an omphalocele (“O”), a birth defect in which organs form outside of the abdomen in a sac due to a defect in the muscle of the abdominal wall. We welcome you to join our group to obtain knowledge and help and to lend support and encouragement. We’re a “PRO-O” group and want to enlighten those who may have questions about the viability of children born with an omphalocele.

You will receive e-mails from other parents who share their O experiences on various topics. This includes a wide range of discussions, from how they dealt with their O babies’ constipation issues to even orthotic devices to keep your little one’s O protected until repair! You can also share your experiences here and get support from others.

Click on the following link to join our Omphalocele Awareness group:

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